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Access control Ipswich – Abloy to hold access control seminar in April, 2017

Abloy – one of the world’s leading suppliers of access control – has announced that it is holding an “Access Control Seminar” here in the UK in April this year (2017). But for the average person in the street who is NOT a locksmith, we thought it may be helpful to explain some basics. For example, what is access control? And why is it becoming more and more popular?

What is access control?

Access control is a modern form of security system which works electronically, instead of relying on the traditional system of metal keys. So in other words – it basically means ‘digital locks’ (read more about digital and electric locks in Ipswich). After all, in a digital world, it’s logical that digital locks are now appearing on the market. But how exactly does it work? Put simply, it can be in the form of digital keycards OR combination codes. If you possess the card or the keycode, then you can open the door. But wait – it gets much better. Before thinking “I prefer good old-fashioned metal locks and keys”, you should first read about the advantages of access control below.

Why is access control becoming more and more popular?

There are some serious advantages to switching to an access control system. First of all, imagine that age old scenario of losing your keys. Traditionally you would then have to change all the locks too – in case someone had stolen the keys and may use them to break into your property. However, with access control you could simply reset the lock, meaning that only people with the new code or key cards could open the lock.

Secondly, let’s imagine you have several different buildings or areas. You want some people to have access to area 1, but only specific people to have access to area 2. With access control you can create multi-level access, allowing you to control who can access where. Hence the name “access control”. This is ideal for schools, larger companies, or government organizations which need to have multiple levels of access.

Finally, by giving unique cards or codes to everyone, you can then see who has accessed and when. This has obvious benefits not just from an insurance point of view, but also from a piece of mind point of view. You can relax, knowing that at all times you know who is accessing where.

There are many other benefits to access control systems. Read more about access control in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, and Suffolk.

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