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Flashback – the day one of our locksmith’s rescued a baby!

At CPW Locksmith’s, we are always proud of our staff and our work. But back on the 30th of April in 2015, we were especially proud. Sheldon Turner, one of our locksmiths, single-handedly rescued a baby who had been accidentally locked inside a car.  Read the full story in the Ipswich Star. Of course, rescuing […]

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A Step-by-step Guide on Choosing the Right Door Lock for your Home

locksmith in Woodbridge

Your home security starts at your front door, but with lots of options on the market it’s sometimes confusing which door lock is best for your home. The question now is how can you cut through the process of choosing the right one? Locksmith in Woodbridge is happy to give you a step-by-step guide on […]

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Winter is coming…Are you safe and secure?

thief winter. Locksmith Suffolk

Whether we like it or not, the hot days of summer are over, department stores have already started gearing up for Christmas and – borrowing the phrase from Game of Thrones – “winter is coming”! Study shows property crime INCREASES during the winter A recent study showed that property time increases during the colder months. […]

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What are the most common types of crime in Woodbridge, Suffolk?

Common crimes in Woodbridge. CPW Locksmiths Woodbridge.

Anyone who has lived in Suffolk will know that Woodbridge has a reputation for being a relatively affluent area with a low crime rate – and they would be right. Comparative to many parts of the UK, it can be considered a very safe place to live. However, unfortunately, as with most towns, crime sill […]

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The top 5 Access Control Systems – The Opinion of a Master Locksmith

Access control systems

What are the top 5 Access Control Systems? Before we answer that, let’s first answer an easier question: What is an Access Control System? To put it simply, it’s a lock system which can be controlled remotely. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘digital locks’. Read about the advantages of Access Control. This blog post, written […]

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Locksmiths Woodbridge – 3 Questions to ask before choosing your next Woodbridge Locksmith

Woodbridge Locksmith

When choosing a locksmith for your home or business, there are many options. All you need to do is Google ‘locksmiths woodbridge’ and you will see there are many to choose from! So as a customer, how do you go about ensuring that you get the ‘right man for the right job and at the […]

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Paxton Access Control – Why Access Control?

paxton access control

Paxton is one of the leading providers of access control systems. But what is access control? And why might businesses or organizations consider switching over from traditional locks to access control systems? Paxton access control – what is access control? In short, access control is an electronic system of locks which allows people – as […]

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3 Home Security Tips from our MLA Certified Suffolk Locksmith

Suffolk Locksmith

When it comes to locksmiths – including locksmiths in Suffolk – people are usually reactive and not proactive. But what does this mean? Put simply, it means that people wait until something breaks – or worse – someone breaks in, and only then do they call a locksmith. However, if people were to spare a […]

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Access control Ipswich – Abloy to hold access control seminar in April, 2017

access control Ipswich

Abloy – one of the world’s leading suppliers of access control – has announced that it is holding an “Access Control Seminar” here in the UK in April this year (2017). But for the average person in the street who is NOT a locksmith, we thought it may be helpful to explain some basics. For […]

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Locksmith Woodbridge – What, Where, and Why?

Key Cutting in Felixstowe

For those living in Woodbridge, Suffolk, you probably already know that you are living in one of the nicest places in England. “Big enough, but not too big” is perhaps a way to describe it. There’s pretty much everything you need – supermarkets, a swimming pool, and even a cinema – and without the traffic […]

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