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Winter is coming…Are you safe and secure?

thief winter. Locksmith Suffolk

Whether we like it or not, the hot days of summer are over, department stores have already started gearing up for Christmas and – borrowing the phrase from Game of Thrones – “winter is coming”! Study shows property crime INCREASES during the winter A recent study showed that property time increases during the colder months. […]

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The top 5 Access Control Systems – The Opinion of a Master Locksmith

Access control systems

What are the top 5 Access Control Systems? Before we answer that, let’s first answer an easier question: What is an Access Control System? To put it simply, it’s a lock system which can be controlled remotely. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘digital locks’. Read about the advantages of Access Control. This blog post, written […]

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Paxton Access Control – Why Access Control?

paxton access control

Paxton is one of the leading providers of access control systems. But what is access control? And why might businesses or organizations consider switching over from traditional locks to access control systems? Paxton access control – what is access control? In short, access control is an electronic system of locks which allows people – as […]

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Access control Ipswich – Abloy to hold access control seminar in April, 2017

access control Ipswich

Abloy – one of the world’s leading suppliers of access control – has announced that it is holding an “Access Control Seminar” here in the UK in April this year (2017). But for the average person in the street who is NOT a locksmith, we thought it may be helpful to explain some basics. For […]

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Access Control Systems in Ipswich: 3 Facts you never knew

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Access control systems: otherwise known as electronic locks – have now been around for several years, yet the majority of the population is only now starting to become familiar with them. In order to help this process, we’ve provided 5 facts about access control systems below: 1. The sales of Access Control Systems were expected […]

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Electronic locks Ipswich

Electronic locks Ipswich : 5 Reasons why electronic locks are better than traditional locks You may not have heard of access control systems before, however you have probably seen them. You may have referred to them as digital locks or electronic locks. Whatever you call them, they are becoming increasingly popular and it looks like […]

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What are Access Control Systems? And where can I find access control in Ipswich or Felixstowe?

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What are Access Control Systems? And where can I find access control in Ipswich or Felixstowe? Access control is a form of modern locks which have several advantages over traditional locks. Access control systems require that you type in a code in order to unlock the door. It can also be set up for visitors […]

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5 Questions to ask yourself before choosing your Access Control System

5 Questions to ask yourself before choosing your Access Control System  Whatever your level of experience with Access Control Systems, it’s important not to rush when deciding which system to buy. There are several different producers and manufacturers of Access Control Systems, ranging from Preferred Power Products, Rutherford Controls, SecuraKey to (and this is the […]

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