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CPW Locksmiths – Who is Most Likely to be a Victim of Property Crime?

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According to the year ending March 2015 CSEW younger people were more likely to be victims across most property crime types; the exceptions were plastic card fraud and criminal damage where victimisation tended to be higher in the middle of the age distribution. Men and women showed similar levels of victimisation in most crime types, with the exception of robbery, where men (0.3%) were twice as likely to be victims compared with women (0.1%).

The type of area where people live was also an important factor in the likelihood of victimisation. Across all types of property crime those living in urban areas were more likely to have been victims than those living in rural areas. Respondents living in the most deprived output areas were most likely to be victims of household property crime offences, such as domestic burglary, vehicle-related theft and bicycle theft. Victims of plastic card fraud showed a contrasting pattern, where respondents living in the most deprived output areas (4.0%) were less likely to be victims than those living in the least deprived output areas (5.5%).

For other characteristics, such as employment status, occupation, household income, the likelihood of victimisation shows more variation across the different crime types. Some of the main findings show:
across almost all offence types the unemployed appeared more likely to be victims compared with those in employment or who were economically inactive (the exceptions were plastic card fraud and criminal damage), although the differences were not statistically significant
those in employment (5.1%) were more likely to be a victim of plastic card fraud compared with those who were unemployed (4.3%) or economically inactive (3.8%); plastic card fraud victimisation was greater in higher-income households (for example 6.4% of households with a total income of £50,000 or more compared with 3.4% of households with an income of less than £10,000)
students were more likely to be victims than those in other groups for a number of crime types, including domestic burglary, bicycle theft and theft from the person.

The statistical bulletin ‘Focus on: Property Crime, 2014/15’ provides a comprehensive overview of statistics on property crime.

Items stolen in domestic burglary in a dwelling (2014/15 CSEW)


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Items stolen in incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling with entry, 2014/15 CSEW1
Items stolen2,3,4 Household incidents, percentages
Purse/wallet/money etc 38
Computer/computer equipment 34
Jewellery/watches 43
Jewellery   38
Watches 14
Electrical goods/cameras5 19
Mobile 13
Other 10
Food/toiletries/cigarettes 8
Car keys 4
House keys 5
Clothes 9
Household items/furniture 6
Documents 5
Handbag/briefcase/shopping bag 8
Vehicle/vehicle parts 5
CDs/tapes/videos/DVDs 4
Sports equipment 1
Tools/work materials 2
Children’s toys/baby items 1
Bicycle/bicycle parts 1
Garden furniture 4
Wheely bin/dustbin 0
Unweighted base 218
1. Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales, Office for National Statistics
2. Percentage is based in burglaries where entry was successful; that is, about three in five of all burglaries.
3. Percentage are based on burglaries in which an item(s) were stolen.
4. Figures add to more than 100 as more than one response possible.
5. ‘Electrical goods/cameras’ includes televisions, videos, stereos, cameras, MP3 players and DVD players.

According to UK crime stats more than 32 thousand cases of burglaries are reported every month in England and Wales! Which means that more than 400 thousand families are robbed every year!


But how about our local Ipswich and Felixstowe area?
The diagram below describes the crime statistics for last year for the Central  Ipswich area:

diagram december

As you can see from the diagrams, there were nearly 300 household-related crimes in the Central Ipswich area, more than 200 vehicle crimes and more than 450 crimes labelled as ‘other theft’.

So how can you help prevent your house from being robbed?

Put simply, get proper locks!

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