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3 Home Security Tips from our MLA Certified Suffolk Locksmith

When it comes to locksmiths – including locksmiths in Suffolk – people are usually reactive and not proactive. But what does this mean? Put simply, it means that people wait until something breaks – or worse – someone breaks in, and only then do they call a locksmith. However, if people were to spare a little bit of time and energy to secure their homes and businesses TODAY, it would save them a lot of stress and hassle TOMORROW! That’s why our resident MLA Certified Suffolk Locksmith – Johnathan Girling – is providing 3 ways people can be proactive about their security.

1. Locksmiths Suffolk – securing your home – Make sure all of your locks are of a high standard

Did you know that some locks are easier to break into than others? Certain locks can be opened without the key in a matter of seconds, while others are much harder. Not sure which is which? As our Suffolk locksmith to take a look. He will be able to inform you which locks are ‘worth their salt’ and locks will keep potential burglars at bay.

2. Avoid tempting potential thieves

According to Police.uk, most theft is opportunistic. In other words, it is not pre-planned. A thief may, for example, see that you have left a window open and will take a closer look inside to see if there are any valuable items lying around which would be quick and easy to steal. So this is perhaps an obvious point, but you may be surprised how often people ignore it: Avoid tempting potential thieves! Ensure doors and windows are locked, do not leave valuable items in plain sight, and do not overtly publicise when you are going on holiday or going to be away from your home!

3. Ask a Suffolk locksmith to install an Access Control System

Do you want to be able to know exactly who has entered your home or business and when they entered or left?  Do you want to certain people access to specific areas of your home or business but not other areas?  Or do you want to avoid the hassle or replacing all your locks every time you lose your keys? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to consider a new access control system. Although it may sound complicated, it basically means “digital locks”. It allows you to use codes instead of keys, plus gives you the ability to reset the code whenever you want, or give lower (or higher) level access to different people, meaning that their code will open certain doors, but not others. What makes it even better is that all entries are tracked, so you can be informed at all time. You can even sync it with your mobile, giving you alerts each time a certain door or code is used.
If you would like to be proactive and ask one of our Suffolk locksmiths to check whether your house is secure – or if an access control system is a good fit for your needs – please feel free to Contact CPW Locksmiths in Ipswich today.