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5 Questions to ask yourself before choosing your Access Control System

5 Questions to ask yourself before choosing your Access Control System 

Whatever your level of experience with Access Control Systems, it’s important not to rush when deciding which system to buy. There are several different producers and manufacturers of Access Control Systems, ranging from Preferred Power Products, Rutherford Controls, SecuraKey to (and this is the system which we recommend) Paxton Access Control. These systems come with a range of options and level of security, depending on your specific security needs.

So before jumping in purchasing the wrong system, we recommend first asking yourself the following 5 questions:

1. How often will the Access Control System be used?

If there’s a low level of usage, then you could consider a Mechanical digital lock. However, if high levels of usage are required then electrical locks would be required, preferably with a mag lock.

2. What Level of Security do you require?

When choosing an electrical lock, there are 3 different levels of security: Low, Medium, and High. For a low level of security you could consider the Paxton Compact Keypads and proximity readers. However, they have the electronics to control the lock in the reader or keypad on the outside of the door, which means that if they are broken then the door may come open.

For a medium level of security there’s the Paxton Switch 2 keypad and reader, which are fitted to a control panel on the inside of the door. The advantage is that – if they are broken – the control panel will maintain the door in the locked position. And for those wanting a high security level we recommend the Paxton Net 2 keypad and reader, which are fitted to a control panel, which is fully controlled buy a computer. This gives you a full audit trace as to who and when a door was opened and also gives full controls as to who and when a lock can be opened by a particular person.

3. What type of lock do you need?

There are 3 options: Firstly, where a Latching lock is already fitted then a electric release could be fitted and operated by a Paxton keypad or reader. Secondly, for high usage you should choose mag locks. Last but not least – if you need a high security lock – you should choose an electric lock and bolts or a shear Mag lock.

4. What type of access do you need?

There are several different types of access. Digital access use of mechanical or digital digital keypads are simply, but the downside is that the code can be passed on from one person to another, which means this type of access control has a low level of security.

Fobs and cards used with proximity reader or keypad readers give a higher level of security, because the fully computerised system allows access to be granted or denied at a moment’s notice. Another option is finger print readers which is also considered to be high security, but there is one problem with this: A cut on the finger or dirty finger may lead to an incorrect reading denying access.

5. Do you have time to visit our Access Control showroom in Ipswich for a free consultation?

We can talk you through all of the above questions to ensure that you choose the right access control system for your specific needs.

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