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Key fobs and electric keys Ipswich

Key fobs and electric keys are becoming more and more popular, including right here in Ipswich, Suffolk. But what exactly are key fobs and electric keys?  Why are they becoming more popular?  And where can you buy them?

What are key fobs and electric keys?

When people say ‘key fobs’ nowadays they are usually referring to ‘access control key fobs’. To put it simply, these are cards or small keyrings which electronically open doors. In other words, they are an electric key. They are of course different to traditional keys, first and foremost because they don’t look like a key. They open doors by providing the right digital code / information to the lock, as opposed to opening the lock manually.

What are the advantages of key fobs and electric keys?

More and more people are using key fobs and electric keys, but why? One of the main reasons is that they are bring with them many more options than traditional keys. If you lose an access control key fob, you can simply reset the code and use a new key fob. However, with a traditional lock and key, you would have to replace all the locks in case someone found the key and could then break in. Another great advantage of access control key fobs is that you can have multi-level access. For example, you could give person A access to the whole building, while restricting person B to just being able to access one door. However, my personal favourite advantage of key fobs is that you can also track who has entered the building, when, and with which key. If you are running a large organization or company, this has is obviously a very useful benefit, as it enables you to right a very tight ship in terms of security.

Where can I buy key fobs and electric keys in Suffolk?

CPW Locksmiths in Ipswich has a showroom with a full stock of key fobs, electric keys, and access control systems. We provide key fobs and access control systems to not just Ipswich, but also to all of Suffolk, including Felixstowe, Bury St. Edmunds, and Woodbridge.

If you have any questions about which access control system or electric keys are right for you, please Contact Us and one of our security engineers will be happy to advise you.