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Locksmith Woodbridge – What, Where, and Why?

For those living in Woodbridge, Suffolk, you probably already know that you are living in one of the nicest places in England. “Big enough, but not too big” is perhaps a way to describe it. There’s pretty much everything you need – supermarkets, a swimming pool, and even a cinema – and without the traffic of larger towns such as Ipswich or Norwich. However, what is more is that now residents also have access to a master locksmith in Woodbridge – CPW Locksmiths.

CPW Locksmiths in Woodbridge – what?

CPW Locksmiths is now servicing residents of Woodbridge for all locksmithing requirements, including re-entry to your home or business, masterkeying, access control (digital locks), keycutting and many other services. Although Woodbridge has a low crime rate, it never hurts to guarantee your security, plus it also usually helps reduce insurance premiums if your locks have been installed to a high standard. Be sure to use a master locksmith (a member of the Master Locksmith Association) to be 100% sure of the quality of locks and installation. CPW Locksmiths is a proud member of the MLA and has been servicing Suffolk customers for over 30 years.


Although based in Ipswich, CPW Locksmiths is able to provide locksmith services to residents of Woodbridge for a minimal call out fee. However, if you would like to see our storefront, it is located at 1 Rope Walk, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1NA. In this day and age of “handymen” working out of their vans, it is sometimes reassuring for customers to know that we have a physical storefront, so that you can find us whenever you need. However, if you would prefer us to come to you, we are happy to do so.

Why use a locksmith in Woodbridge?

There are many reasons to use a locksmith. In terms of domestic reasons, perhaps you would like to make sure all of your doors and windows are properly secure and comply with your insurance policy. Or perhaps you are always losing your keys and would like to change to a digital lock with a code which you can remember. In terms of business reasons, perhaps you would like several levels of access, so that some employees can access all areas, whereas other employees have restricted access. If so, then access control is the ideal solution. What is more, if an employee leaves, you can simply change the code, instead of relying on them to return their key. Or perhaps you would like something more traditional and would like a masterkey (a physical key which can open all doors). With a master locksmith now servicing Woodbridge, everything is possible.

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