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Locksmiths Woodbridge – 3 Questions to ask before choosing your next Woodbridge Locksmith

When choosing a locksmith for your home or business, there are many options. All you need to do is Google ‘locksmiths woodbridge’ and you will see there are many to choose from! So as a customer, how do you go about ensuring that you get the ‘right man for the right job and at the right price’? This article aims to shed light on this by giving you three questions to ask yourself before choosing your next Woodbridge locksmith.

Woodbridge Locksmith

1. Is the locksmith certified by the Master Locksmith Association (MLA)?

In the world of locksmithery, it’s important that any locksmith you choose is certified by the Master Locksmith Association. In the words of the MLA:

“With the lack of any form of government based regulation of the locksmithing industry it is vital that you look for an independently vetted, inspected and competent locksmith. The MLA’s licensing scheme for it’s approved companies is the ideal way to ensure that a bonafide locksmith is being used.”

Their website provides an easy-to-use search option, which allows you to check if a locksmith is indeed MLA certified. For example, here is CPW Locksmiths’ listing on the MLA website.

2. Does the locksmith have a storefront?

As with any profession, you have to be prepared for the event that something might go wrong. And if anyone does go wrong, can you hold them legally accountable. Nowadays there are so many “locksmiths” working out of the back of a van, that – if worst comes to worst – are you confident that you could track them down and hold them legally accountable? That’s why it’s safer to work with a locksmith who has a storefront – a physical location where you can find them and rely on the fact that they will not just disappear.

3. Does the locksmith specialize in the type of service which I require?

It stands to reason that if you require a new access control system, then you should choose a locksmith – in particular a local Woodbridge locksmith – who specializes in access control systems. Likewise, if you require UPVC locks for your new windows, then it makes sense to choose a locksmith in Woodbridge who is experienced in installing these.

More information about CPW locksmiths – an MLA certified Woodbridge locksmith

CPW Locksmiths has a storefront in Ipswich and services Woodbridge and the surrounding area. The company has been around for over 30 years with a team of local Suffolk locksmiths – born and raised in Suffolk and helping Suffolk residents and businesses. See a full list of CPW’s Woodbridge locksmith services.