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Paxton Access Control – Why Access Control?

Paxton is one of the leading providers of access control systems. But what is access control? And why might businesses or organizations consider switching over from traditional locks to access control systems?

Paxton access control – what is access control?

In short, access control is an electronic system of locks which allows people – as the name would suggest – to control access. Instead of using old fashioned locks which use metal keys, access control uses digital locks and usually works with codes instead of metal keys. Everything can be monitored and controlled from a desktop or laptop computer – allowing the operator of the security system to be in full control at all times. It can even be automated with the system sending door codes in the form of test messages to whoever is authorized to open the door at that specific point in time.

Why choose Paxton access control?

As mentioned in our previous post about access control in Ipswich, access control has many advantages. However, to truly understand the benefits of access control, it is best to look at case studies and examples of how it provides solutions to real world businesses and organizations. Let us take two examples from Locksmithjournal.co.uk1:

Pirate studios recording studio

This company provides recording studios to musicians. Traditionally, musicians would have to be given keys – or had a member of staff open the door for them. However, by installing electric locks on all of the recording studios, they were then able to install an access control system which messages the code directly to the musician, after of course they have paid and reserved space on line. The advantages are obvious – instant access and lower staff costs. Plus no chance of losing keys!


Parks Tennis

Similar to the previous example, Parks Tennis switched its courts over from traditional metal key locks to digital locks. Now – those who want to rent a court – can simply reserve online and are instantly messaged the code to open the lock to the courts. As you can imagine, it saves someone having to drive down to the courts to open them each and every time someone wants access.


As seen above, access control systems are great for both businesses and organizations. They are also very advantageous in the context of schools and government organizations, where multilevel access is often required. Multilevel access is whereby certain people need access to all areas, whereas others should only be given access to other areas. For example in a school system, perhaps the caretaker needs access to everywhere, whereas the canteen staff only need access to the canteen.

Information about Paxton access control in Ipswich and Felixstowe

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