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What are the most common types of crime in Woodbridge, Suffolk?

Anyone who has lived in Suffolk will know that Woodbridge has a reputation for being a relatively affluent area with a low crime rate – and they would be right. Comparative to many parts of the UK, it can be considered a very safe place to live. However, unfortunately, as with most towns, crime sill happens. When it comes to Woodbridge, what are the most common types of crime? We have looked at data from UKCrimeStats.com and can share the findings with you now.

What are the most common types of crime in Woodbridge?

As you can see from the chart below, the most common type of crime is one you might not suspect for a town like Woodbridge: Violent crime. Yes, the most common type of crime in Woodbridge between September, 2016 to August, 2017 was violent crime. In second place was Anti-Social Behaviour, then Theft in third place.

Common crimes in Woodbridge. CPW Locksmiths Woodbridge.

  1. Violent Crime (361)
  2. Anti-Social Behaviour (208)
  3. Theft (174)
  4. Criminal Damage and Arson (132)
  5. Burglary (131)
  6. Public Order (67)
  7. Vehicle Crime  (66)
  8. Other Crime (48)
  9. Shoplifting (45)
  10. Drugs (23)

So as the chart shows, contrary to the image of Woodbridge, crime still does occur.

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CPW Locksmiths provides Woodbridge locksmiths services to the local area and helps to secure homes and businesses, so that you and your families do not become one of the above statistics. Johnathan Girling, the owner and Master Locksmith, is born and raised in Suffolk, and lives close to Woodbridge.

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