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Who’s keeping you safe this Christmas? Your local Ipswich and Felixstowe Locksmith!

We’ve all seen the film, Home Alone, where the family goes on Holiday at Christmas and returns to find burglars have trashed their home. But what can we do to prevent it happening to us?

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare: Having your house burgled at the time of year when people are supposed to come together and celebrate humanity. According to Money Sense, these nightmares unfortunately do happen. One family had the tragic experience of having their cars and even Christmas presents stolen.

Christmas burglary Felixstowe

Here in Ipswich, Suffolk, we also have reason to worry with local burglaries occurring in their hundreds. In Felixstowe, things don’t seem to be much better, with over 150 crimes reported in Felixstowe in October alone by Police.uk.

However, there is some good news and some reasons to stay positive. According to the Daily Telegraph, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are actually the days of the year when you are least likely to be burgled, because thieves apparently take a couple of days off!

Further good news is that there are several things you can do to reduce the likelihood of being burgled:

  1. Secure your home. Do you have secure locks which have been installed by a Master Locksmith and are not simply the cheapest (and most easy to break into)? You may want to consider more advanced locks, such as Access Control.
  2. If you do get burgled, are you sure that your insurance claim will be valid?  Insurance adjusters will often check how the thieves broke into your home, so it’s wise to make sure your locks were indeed installed by a Master Locksmith and not just a mobile locksmith working out the back of his car or van. Ask CPW Locksmiths – your local locksmith in Felixstowe and Ipswich – to check your locks are up to standard.
  3. Put your valuables in a quality safe. It’s an initial investment, but you will be glad when your most precious valuables are still safe in the safe!
  4. Finally – and this is reassuring – there is a team of local police officers actively trying to protect you and the Felixstowe area. Meet your local Felixstowe officers!

If you would like to check your home and locks are up to standard, please contact CPW Locksmiths in Ipswich or consult one of our locksmiths in Felixstowe.

Unless you are planning on leaving your Kevin Home Alone, call us!