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Winter is coming…Are you safe and secure?

Whether we like it or not, the hot days of summer are over, department stores have already started gearing up for Christmas and – borrowing the phrase from Game of Thrones – “winter is coming”!

Study shows property crime INCREASES during the winter

A recent study showed that property time increases during the colder months. This includes burglary and car theft in particular. But why does property theft increase during the winter? There are 3 main theories for this:

  1. During winter months, our heating bills and consumption increase. This often leaves a whole in people’s budgets, meaning some people resort to theft to make ends meet.
  2. Winter days area also shorter with less hours of sunlight. With more darkness, it is easier to break into properties unnoticed.
  3. Car theft increases because people leave their cars running to stay warm, but often leave them unattended.

How to reduce the chances of property theft?

In order to avoid becoming the victim of theft, it’s a good idea to secure your property and valuables. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Ensure your home and/or business is secure. Do you have good quality locks on your doors and windows? Be sure to fix any broken UPVC window and door locks.
  2. Be careful who you give keys to. Can you trust everyone who has a key? If, for whatever reason, you need to give keys to people, you may want to consider an Access Control System. This enables you to give varying levels of access to different people, plus to monitor who is accessing your property and when. Read more about Suffolk Access Control Systems.
  3. Take part in the local Suffolk Neighbour Hood Watch programme.
  4. Avoid making it obvious when you are not at home. For example, get someone to pick up your post from your doorstep, so it is not obvious to potential burglars that you are on holiday.
  5. Ask our Suffolk Locksmith for a security audit on your property. He will be able to advise if any upgrades are required.

Further Information

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