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The top 5 Access Control Systems – The Opinion of a Master Locksmith

What are the top 5 Access Control Systems? Before we answer that, let’s first answer an easier question: What is an Access Control System? To put it simply, it’s a lock system which can be controlled remotely. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘digital locks’. Read about the advantages of Access Control. This blog post, written by our Master Locksmith, will give you an overview of 5 of the best Access Control Systems.

What at the top 5 Access Control Systems?

5. Brivo Access Control

Pros of the Brivo Access Control System

Perhaps the nicest feature about the Brivo Access Control is that it can be operated through your mobile phone. The cloud-based technology means that all locks and access can be controlled via an application which is quick and easy to install on your mobile. Employees (or whoever you want to give access to) can download the application and will then be able to use it to open the door which you have given them the ability to open. This has some obvious advantages, such as not having keycards which can of course be lost or misplaced.

Cons of the Brivo Access Control System

A downside is that support of the system can be minimal, as there is no managed access system to help you. Furthermore, there are some potential practical issues, such ensuring that employees keep their phones secure (and batteries charged!)

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4. Tyco Access Control

Pros of the Tyco Access Control System

Tyco has a huge range of security products, so one of the mainy advantages is the ability for all of these products to sync and work in harmony together. Obviously, this is perhaps only applicable if you have not yet purchased security products from other manufacturers, or you are considering replacing everything. Another nice feature is the ability for biometric security by requiring personnel to use their fingerprints to gain access.

Cons of the Tyco Access Control System

As with many large companies, one of the downfalls is their support. Looking at online reviews for Tyco quickly reveals that there have been many customers who have had issues with their support. So – unless you are having a third party install your system for you (such as CPW Locksmiths which specializes in the installation of access control systems in Suffolk) – be prepared for some maddening time being kept on hold!

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3. Protection 1 Access Control

Pros of the Protection 1 Access Control System

Perhaps the main attraction of the Protection 1 Access Control System is that it is a simple, robust system which combines all your security needs into one. The system not only tracks security issues, but also other safety concerns, such as fire and levels of carbon monoxide. Plus, it’s remote, which means you can be on holiday and still check up on the safety of your house, including seeing what your surveillance cameras see.

Cons of the Protection 1 Access Control System

The biggest weakness is Protection 1’s lack of any ‘stand out’ features. Plus, if you don’t opt for Protection 1’s additional Management Service, then you may require someone with experience (such as CPW Locksmiths which specializes in the installation of access control systems in Suffolk) – to install and assist you with the system.

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2. IDENTICARD Access Control

Pros of the IDenticard Access Control System

If you’re looking for company branded cards which give different levels of access to different employees, then this is your company. As the name suggests, they specialize in Access Control Systems which use cards. The cards allow you to keep track of which employees have accessed which areas (plus to restrict this access), and can even track access and use of servers.

Cons of the the Identicard Access Control System

There are two main flaws. First, it does not integrate with monitoring for other safety hazards, such as fires and carbon monoxide levels. Second, unlike the other companies, they do not offer a management service, so you need to have the competency to install and manage the system yourself. Alternatively, you can contact a third party which can install and assist you, such as CPW Locksmiths which specializes in the installation of access control systems in Suffolk).

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1. Paxton Access Control

Pros of the Paxton Access Control System

As a Master Locksmith, I always recommend Paxton Access Control. I have worked with these systems for years (installing them in government offices, schools, and businesses) and they are always reliable, which in the world of security is the name of the game. The systems are very easy to use, yet also sophisticated enough to allow multi-level access to different personnel. You – as the administrator – remain in control of who has access to what, with everything being controlled remotely by you. What-is-more is that the support has always been outstanding. Whenever I have had issues with the systems (which is rare), they have always responded promptly and professionally, leading to quick solutions. The system also comes with a 5 year warranty, giving you that peace of mind, especially considering that any access control system is quite an investment.

Cons of the Paxton Access Control System

Perhaps the only negative is this system is that it is recommended that it is installed by a suitably qualified professional. This relates not just to the warranty, but may also have implications for your insurance. For example, if it turns out that you installed the system yourself, then depending on the insurance company this may cause you problems when it comes to any later claims.

Contact CPW Locksmiths to find out if Paxton Access Control Systems are right for your business or organization.